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ACA provides a supportive learning environment that promotes self-motivation, independence and collaboration, allowing learners’ experiences and interests to be reflected in deep thinking and synthesis - strong foundation for lifelong learning.

ACA has quality early childhood experiences available for children between the ages of 2 through 6. Our curriculum actively engages children in developmentally appropriate activities to encourage language, social, cognitive, adaptive and motor development in a friendly and fun environment.

The Elementary and Senior school curriculums are international in outlook, but retain a local relevance. They are created for an international student body and avoid biases. The Elementary school curriculum, which is adapted from the common core, is designed to provide comprehensive and appropriate instruction to all students from first to sixth grade. Teachers in the elementary school provide instruction in reading/language arts, mathematics, science, design and technology, ICT, and social studies.

Our teachers provide sound instruction in all subject areas. A variety of tools including technology are used to enhance learning as well as to ensure that students are actively engaged.Lessons and activities are planned so that students are encouraged to think analytically, solve problems, find and evaluate information, communicate effectively, and collaborate with their peers in order to succeed in the world today and in the future.

From 7th grade through 10th grade, we follow the University of Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. In eleventh and twelfth grades, the AP curriculum has been adopted. As the AP curriculum is widely accepted all over the world, we are confident that our high school graduating students will compare favourably with their counterparts anywhere in the world. Examinations offered include SAT, ACT, AP, DC, 7-star online courses, and English aptitude exams such as TOEFL.

ACA is a Christian school; our students are encouraged to discover the God-factor in concepts learned.

Students needing English language support: A special ELL curriculum is used for students coming into the system with very little or no knowledge of the English language. In most cases, the students take intensive ELL classes. Such students are excused from most of the subjects taught with the exception of Math, PE, Bible, ICT and Art. Reports from on-going assessments determine how quickly the ELL students can join the main stream. Usually, students are ready for all other subjects after the completion of two semesters. Online learning support is also available.

Students needing learning support: For a few of our students who have had some learning difficulties, we had them tested by professionals to ascertain the levels and reason(s) for their challenges. The test results help in determining and developing appropriate individualized learning programs for the students. The students receive one-on-one lessons from a support teacher who works with them (in the specific area of need) until they are able to join the main stream.
Gifted and talented students: In the Elementary school, students who are high achievers are given the opportunity to take Mathematics and English language in a class that is one year ahead of their grade level. This trend continues until 5th Grade, after which the students may be given a double promotion.

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