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During ACA’s recent 25th Anniversary, we printed wristbands:  “ACA - your family school.”  You might have left ACA a long time ago, maybe even when it was still called Shell Close School.  We have had 1000+ students join our ever-increasing family since those early days, but there has been no one just like you!

You are unforgettable!  In fact, your name is permanently engraved on our “Family Tree” in ACA’s auditorium.  Many of you are now married.  Some of your names may have changed, and impressive titles acquired as well, but we will always remember you as the “one-of-a-kind” kid that you were while you were with us.

If you left in recent years, we likely had you stand beneath Michelangelo’s “Creation of Man” just where the “finger of God” touches Adam and surrounded you, blessing your future.   We truly believe that each of you has a God-given destiny and were created to accomplish a unique purpose.  Please let us know where you are and what you’re doing.

Although I may not have kept up with you, due to disinterest in technology (NOT YOU!), I am making amends as I move into my “senior citizen” days of 55+.  I intend to pursue relationships through social media – something a little new to me, but the only means now available to connect with our every growing family, spread out all over the globe.

I hope to follow all of you.

With love and prayers,

Karen Ann Nwulu


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