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Sports provide students an opportunity to develop physical discipline. Elementary and Senior School students are required to participate in all Physical Education classes.  Athletic competitions, such as the biannual Sports Daze or 24-Hour Sports Marathon are opportunities for students to develop their athletic skills. The Elementary and Senior School sports teams represent ACA in interschool competitions.

Students are expected to display good sportsmanship during all sporting activities.  They are also required to wear ACA House sportswear during Physical Education classes. 

Students are encouraged to exercise during the school day, and have several opportunities on the grounds for developing skills during break and lunch periods.  Basketball, kickball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, snooker, chipping and putting-golf and soccer are some of the sports available on the grounds. 

After-School clubs offer additional opportunities for students to develop their athletic skills.  Students are encouraged to participate in at least one sports club (basketball, volleyball, track, tennis, table tennis, swimming, golf, soccer).  Senior students who are selected for ACA’s 4x100 team relay are not required to pay club fees.

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