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Students have extensive range of clubs to choose from as extracurricular activities.  Clubs afford students the opportunity of interacting with peers outside of the classroom as well as developing a wide variety of skills.  Students are required to continue with their club choice for an entire year. Students may switch clubs at no extra cost within the first two weeks of club activities. Language, sports, and music clubs all require significant amounts of practice and in order to develop mastery should be continued throughout their stay in ACA. Students in musical clubs are required to have their instruments at home and should be committed to practice.

Supervised Homework Club is provided for students who will like to do homework in a quiet place.  Waiting Club is available for students who need to stay after school while waiting for a sibling.
Performance clubs such as ballet, choir, dance and drama, culminate in end of semester performances.
Students and parents are welcome to volunteer to teach a club of their interest.



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