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Tabs or laptops for ELearning
ACA is introducing EBooks to its Senior School. The 9th grade will be the pilot class starting with the following IGCSE textbooks downloaded on individual customized tablets: Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, ICT, Math and Physics. Other Senior School students are required to bring their device (lap tops or tabs) which will have at least two EBooks provided by ACA.

External Exams:
ACA Senior School students have the opportunity of taking the following exams. 

Exam Grade

Exam Coordinator (for registration process)

Diplôme D’Etude en Langue Française (DELF)  6 - 9  French Ministry of Education
Checkpoint (optional) Senior School Academic Supervisor
PSAT (US College Board) Optional 8–10 Test Center Coordinator
IGCSE Univ. of Cambridge (min of 7 subjects)   10 Senior School Academic Supervisor
SAT I or ACT, SAT II, Advanced Placement (AP)   11 and 12 Test Centre Coordinator
Advanced Subsidiary, Advanced Level 11 and 12 Senior School Academic Supervisor

Senior School
Senior School at ACA spans 7th through 12th grades. Classes are held on the top floor of the main school building, the high school block, science labs, art room, DT building, as well as the ICT and online labs. The senior school students have lockers in the hallways and move from one subject classroom to another.
Curriculum 7th – 10th grade:
Senior School students in 7th – 10th grades follow the University of Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Curriculum.  Fourteen exam subjects are offered:

  • First Language English
  • Literature in English
  • French
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Art and Design
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Design and Technology
  • Geography
  • History

Students are also required to take the following subjects:

  • Physical Education
  • Library
  • Bible
  • Spelling (7–8)

9th Grade – During the final quarter of 9th grade, students take career placement testing, as a means of guiding students to the field(s) of study to pursue in the future.  During the summer between 9th and 10th grade, students complete forms indicating which subjects they intend to take for their IGCSE exams in 10th grade. Ninth grade students take a minimum of 12 subjects; Core subjects: English, Math, Biology, Economics, ICT, French, Literature and/or History
Electives: Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, DT, Art, Geography

10th Grade – Students take both Math and English as compulsory subjects for IGCSE.   Students select a minimum of five subjects from the course list above. To ensure optimal use of time during school hours, a supervised “study hall” is provided in which each student must be present if they are not in a particular class holding at that time.

However, only independent study, not teaching, takes place during those periods.  ACA has a record of excellent performance in IGCSE exams. However, results are due in a large part to how well students utilize their free time for extra study. Tenth grade students take the Mock Exam I in December (2nd Quarter) and Mock Exam II in March (3rd Quarter).  The registration for the IGCSE exam takes place at the end of 2nd quarter while the actual exams take place during 4th Quarter.

Elementary School
ACA’s Elementary School is made up of first to sixth grades. The classrooms are located on the lower and the middle level of the main school block. Adjacent to this building is a standard basketball/tennis court where students can play during their break time. In addition, the spacious grounds in the admin block area provide a safe space for children to run and play.  Facilities include a gym, football field, chipping and putting green, volleyball and badminton courts, trampoline, two ping pong tables as well as a large playground equipped with jungle gym, slide and swings.

Curriculum 1st – 6th grade:
1st-3rd Grade students take the following subjects:

Math, Literacy five extended periods, at the beginning of every day (Literacy includes writing, grammar and reading)
Science three periods per week
Social Studies, Spelling, French, PE  two periods per week
Bible, Library, Music, Circle Time, Art, ICT  one period per week
Handwriting, Health, Design Technology one period per week

4th-6th Grade students take the following subjects: 

Math, English        five extended periods per week, at the beginning of each day
Science, French     three periods per week
ICT, Social Studies, Reading, Art, PE two periods per week
Spelling one period + weekly test period (within English)
Library, Bible, Music, Class Meeting  one period per week
Levelled Reading Program (LRP)   one period per week (LRP is an independent online reading lab)


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