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Food and Drinks
All students have the option to bring or purchase their food and drinks.  Snacks are available at the School Snack Shop while hot lunches are available at the School Cafeteria, in the Admin Block.  Students may pay for lunch daily, or benefit from discounted rates by paying weekly or monthly.  Students are required to bring water to school.  The ACA water dispensers are meant to serve as supplemental drinking water in the event that a student’s water runs out before the end of the day. Please note that 1st to 3rd Grade students will not be allowed to buy or take fizzy drinks during school hours. 

Cafeteria Menu (September 19, 2016)

MON      Pizza & Chips or Chicken & Chips
TUE        Rice & Chicken Curry or Vegetable Noodles, Sausages & Chips
WED      Burger & Chips or Fried rice & Chicken 
THU       Chicken Shwarma or Jollof Rice & Chicken
FRI         Suya or Barbecued Chicken with Pita Bread

Main Meal:                                           Pre Pay (wk/mo)               Daily
Pre School/Elementary                            N500                              N550                            
Senior                                                       N600                              N650

Daily a la carte Menu:
Hot Dogs                                                                       -                N300
Fried Plantain                                                                                 N200
Fruit Salad (large)                                                                           N100
Fruit Salad (small)                                                                          N80

* Students are given second servings of rice or noodles IF they are extra hungry
(Please pay to accounts office)



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