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Shay Gabay
Throughout the 7 years I have shared with ACA the place has been like a second home for me. I got so connected to the teachers, the Principals, and the school managers that it was so hard for me to say goodbye. ACA gave me so many values and taught me a completely different culture that I really enjoyed learning, and I will cherish it. I was so happy in my time there. The school connected me more to my religion and taught me what was right and wrong, They helped me with my English and knowledge of the world, things that I never imagined that I know and people I knew there were so amazing they will always have huge part of my heart. My future is partly based on the things ACA taught me.
For me ACA was home.

Bunmi Ajisafe
American Christian Academy is an institution I will forever be grateful for. I spent about 8 years studying there and those 8 years shaped and molded my entire life. The dedication of my teachers year in year out was matchless. I not only felt cared for education wise but also on a personal level. I felt like my future meant something to them. 

ACA is a very multicultural school and as a result, studying there equipped me with right interpersonal skills needed to thrive in multicultural society. I am currently studying to attain an MSc International Relations and up until now even as alumni I still feel and experience the care from ACA. I feel like achieving my optimum best just to make that school proud.  

My personal life also thrives and I believe I am generally a more caring, understanding, loving and faithful person due to my experience there. Christian faith is in no way imposed on the students at ACA however the love and support from that school encouraged me to be the Christian that I am today. 

Seep Bhagwanani
Although it seems like an eternity ago, I remember the day I visited ACA for the first time. I had no idea what an incredible and life-changing place I was walking into. I walked in here that day very nervous, but my nerves quickly melted away as I spoke with Mrs. Karen about this school and the kinds of things I’d be doing here.
This place was amazing; ACA has education in its direct democracy in practice. An amalgamation of religion and the kind of education that we receive from this school, is what sets ACA apart from the rest.

ACA has allowed me to harness potential I didn’t even know I had. Other than getting the best of an education, I also learnt how to know when I’m wrong. Most importantly, though, this school taught me how to learn. It has taught me how to teach myself, how to be self-motivated. How to do work even when I don’t want to, even when someone’s not telling me I have to. ACA is beautiful and I am so unbelievably glad I found it. I wouldn’t be a speck of the person I am today without this place. ACA shapes and molds its students to be the best person that they can be.
The things I have learnt at ACA have been assets during my course of life. I got through an MBA, secured a great job, and am exceling at my job because of the strong foundation that ACA has laid down for me to build on.
Studying at ACA, getting to know people like Mr. Equi, Mrs. Karen, and all the amazing teachers and staff has been an absolute blessing.

Ishika’s Mom
ACA has been a wonderful learning experience for my daughter Ishika. We have seen the change in her knowledge and confidence. The best part was she actually started liking going to school…which is a wonderful feeling for the parents. The teachers are very forthcoming and loving. We wish ACA all the very best for the future.


I was 12 when I joined the ACA family, in 1996 to be precise. It has been 20 years, yet, it feels like just yesterday! The memories I made and the values I have absorbed are still some of the best that I will cherish for many more years to come.

ACA has taught me not just lessons from books but life lessons; faith, hope, love….. for God and for the life that God gave. I am an extremely proud daughter of my very loving parents and ACA has only helped fortify the value systems that they have instilled in me. I have made some wonderful friends (for life) and shared the best times with some of the most dedicated and devoted teachers.

Today I have a double masters in biological sciences. I am a wife and a proud mother to two beautiful children, ,and even after 20 years, the things I have learnt in ACA play a pivotal role in many of my today’s decisions.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of such a gracious and principled institute. It is truly a blessing I count every day.


Over 11 years back, I graduated from ACA and moved to the US for university. I now work in the UK for one of the top global telecommunications companies. ACA has been a major contributor to the success I have achieved in my life so far. The values instilled in me from my time at ACA will continue to shape my character and career for years to come. The two key values that have stuck to me the most from my time at ACA are:

  • “you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and work very hard.”

  • “treat people with love and respect no matter who they are and where they are from.”

Philippines: Attended ACA grades7-10 (2006-2009)
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, major in writing, minor in speech and theater
cum laude, class of 2016
University of the Philippines Los Baños
It’s been seven years since I last saw ACA. And it’s been about eleven years since I first set foot in my classroom there. I met many people there. I made friends of all ages: teachers, grounds staff, high schoolers, middle schoolers, elementary schoolers, and preschoolers, etc. I made friends who came from the different corners of the world. I learned to understand cultures, differences, while still retaining my identity.
ACA was one big family. I really enjoyed the opportunity to explore the different academic fields, as well as to immerse myself in various extracurricular activities.
I am now a graduate of Communication Arts, majoring in writing and minoring in speech and theater. ACA’s after-school clubs in theater, film, and choir; my classes in art; literature and English; the countless hours in the library; and the long talks with my teachers who willingly gave time after class to talk to an inquisitive girl who crossed the boundaries of the class curriculum who begged-no, demanded-for explanations meant for higher classes; and the opportunities to exercise leadership in various projects - these were all stones paving the way to my chosen field.
I graduated from a university whose motto is “HONOR and EXCELLENCE”. ACA taught me much about honor, and gave me much opportunity for excellence, enabling me to transition well and uphold these very same virtues in my alma mater.
Thank you, ACA, for friends, for family, for opportunity. It is an honor to be one of your alumni.

What can I say; ACA has contributed to almost 80% of the person I am today. The loving teachers and the friendly environment within the school premises doesn’t give you a school feeling but gives you the feel that you are studying at home. The most impact ACA has made in my life is my first introduction to God by Mrs. Karen (the proprietress of ACA). Originally as a Srilankan and a Buddhist I had no Idea about Christianity, but ACA gave me that glorious path to follow and I was hooked on for life. Presently as a 5th year medical student the hassle of med school is not something surprising to anyone, but this introduction has made me survive through the tough times of my life and is still keeping me strong even today. Secondly were my loving teachers who not only were my teachers but were like my second parents. The amazingly interesting classes and their friendly approach towards students and subjects were a stress free environment to study, and especially Mrs. Sumbo’s biology classes. She made it so interesting and interactive with field trips to places and live view of biology specimen around the school grounds which was amazingly interesting for the curious little mind at that time.  Thirdly, with the large mixture of children from all over the world, I was able to experience a variety of cultures and tradition all in one school. I guess this is the best experience which I will cherish for the rest of my life and also good stories I will tell my children to come. With my whole heart I am so grateful for the beautiful memories and the lifetime imprint of God in my life which was given to me by my beautiful school. 

Jonathan Joby

In my 11 years of schooling in different schools. ACA stands out to be the “Wow” school. Studying with students of different nationalities was truly a great experience for me. Experienced teachers filled with love and patience makes my school life in ACA an unforgettable period. I was molded and disciplined by the wonderful staff of ACA. The seeds of spirituality and requisite to know God was sown in me during my days in ACA. My years spend in ACA will remain close to my heart forever. Love, compassion, discipline and team spirit are the qualities inherited by me during my tenure in ACA.

Namita Soju

I joined ACA when I was only in Pre-nursery and left after my 5th grade. So most of my childhood was in ACA and trust me my childhood couldn’t get any better. I have studied in three schools and I can still say without a doubt in my voice that ACA is the best! ACA stands true to the proverb, “all work and no play makes a child dull.” It teaches us to manage our time so that we learn and have fun at the same time. It is surprising how I have never been under pressure at ACA, but at the same time it is incredible how much I have learnt. I was always dependent on my parents for my studies and my mother always had to help me do my homework. Fortunately, ACA changed me. Following my teachers instructions I started doing my work by myself, but I did make mistakes. My teachers were so understanding and they taught me that we learn from our mistakes. I was extremely encouraged and ACA made me independent. One of my other weak points was my stage fright, but ACA took care of that too. My teachers urged me to participate in almost everything and that boosted my confidence and I have overcome that stage fright. ACA has developed my character to a great extent and has taught me to be kind and love every person and our beautiful world. I really want to thank ACA from the bottom of my heart for who they have made me. I will never forget this wonderful school!!

Nayannah Soju

I had been in ACA for seven years. When I was in second grade I used to hate reading books. Then Ms. Funmi started making challenges like whoever reads the most books in a month gets a prize. They also used to give certificates for our good behavior. That encouraged us to be kind to our classmates and teachers. ACA has taught me to love our environment and to love everyone even more. I have no words to express my gratitude and I could write even more but for now I stop here and I thank this school for what they have made me today.

Ahmad Mokbel

The American Christian Academy was more than just a school to me. I was enrolled in the school since the pre-nursery until Grade 8. And I am now pursuing my Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from one of the highest ranking universities in Lebanon. All the experiences and memories I have from ACA have helped me reached the position I am at now. The encouragement and all the support given to me from all the teachers have helped shape my personality. Up till today, I still use the small advices and tips given to me from all the teachers. The diversity of the students in ACA has helped create a network of friends from everywhere thus teaching me a lot of things from places all around. All the different activities (clubs, sports, competitions, fairs, etc) were very beneficial which helped in improving my different hobbies by building a stronger personality, and raising my self-confidence. It has indeed been a very memorable experience. I would like to congratulate ACA in advance. I hope to visit very soon when I come to Nigeria. 

Best regards to everyone. 
God Bless you all. 

Carla Loggie – Parent
The education received by both boys has helped them to adjust to their new schools & being very advanced in their grades. ACA assisted our boys in adapting to different cultures and today they continue to be very socially accepting. Both boys are doing very well mathematically which we are well aware is from the grounding they received from ACA.
William attributes his good reading skills from ACA. He remembers the students and teachers being very kind to him & he remembers how the teachers make learning fun. 
We really miss ACA & we are extremely thankful for the education and the input received from teachers. We miss the Science Fairs, speeches, plays, praise & worship in the mornings etc. 

Khadijah Mokbel

ACA was my first home away from home. It was the first place I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. It was the first place I had great role models in the teachers who taught me, teachers who till today still cross my mind and draw a smile on my face when I remember them. ACA has given so much to take on life with; not only did I get a great education, but I learnt a lot from the different clubs and afterschool activities we had, as well as from the diversity in students/friends coming from different countries through which I was exposed to different cultures, traditions and beliefs. We were encouraged to be critical thinkers, to think outside the box, to respect one another regardless of our backgrounds, and to always be inquisitive learners. We were taught that there was nothing that we couldn't learn to overcome. With all these skills instilled in me from such a young age, I have been able to take on a lot of life’s challenges, and will soon be graduating with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the American University of Beirut, one of the most prestigious universities in the Middle East. Today, I am working as school counselor and homeroom teacher, and to be able to give back to students the way my teachers and school gave to me is in itself a great privilege. I will forever be grateful for each and every experience I got from ACA, academically and socially. There will never be enough words to explain what ACA means to me and how much it prepared me for each and every stage in my life. I am proud to have been a student at such an amazing school and wish them all the very best as they grow and progress into more success.


Henna Bhagwanani

ACA! Things said about this school will never be enough or never completely describe what a blessing it has been in my life. One story my mom never stopped telling me about my childhood was when I would make a fuss every morning and want to go to school with my big sister even though I was not old enough. I feel like that only happened because ACA was the school I made the fuss about. I'm guessing if it was any other school, I wouldn’t have been that persistent. ACA built my foundation not just in education but in Christ. Bible class was always my favorite hour of the week because Mrs. Karen would tell us all the stories in the Bible. The staff at ACA is such an asset to the school. They are the pillars that hold the school together. They develop personal relationships with each student and counsel them in such a deep way. You really don't have this in any other school. Mrs. Karen and Mr. Equi have been such a blessing to me personally and to my family. Without them, my family wouldn't know the Lord and I can't think of any bigger way of impacting our lives. ACA is a school that glorifies Him and His word and teaches its' students to continue doing the same. ACA is not a school to me but my second HOME!!


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