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A PTA committee is elected by parents and teachers bi annually.  Positions include:  Chair person, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Chairperson schedules meetings in conjunction with the school.

Parent Representatives
Every year, ACA selects a willing parent representative for each class. This parent rep receives the contact information for all other parents in the class and is responsible to liaise between class teacher, school and parents for effective communication amongst all parties.

Parent Conduct
To foster mutual respect between parents and teachers, it is important that parents direct concerns or grievances to the teacher and not in front of or via the student.  We do not expect parents to make a scene at school under any circumstance.  As role models, parents are also encouraged to exhibit self-discipline and respect at all times. We expect parents not to smoke on school grounds. Likewise, display of extreme or uncontrollable temper is discouraged and a parent may be escorted off the school grounds in such an instance.  In the case of the latter, the parent will be asked to write an apology letter in order to be allowed to return on campus.

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