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Each week, Elementary and Senior School students meet at different times for one period in the auditorium.  Assembly periods help to unite the students in the various schools.   A variety of programs, quizzes, debates and games are featured, giving students an opportunity to develop oral, tactile and other presentation skills.  Assemblies are also used as a platform to disseminate important information, give weekly merit awards, celebrate birthdays, etc.  Parents are invited to assemblies during students’ performances.

Student Body Government:
The Student Body Government (SBG) is the primary voice for ACA students.  The SBG is elected by the Senior School every other year and consists of a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary organizes student activities and community service projects. The SBG works closely with administration on issues that directly affect ACA students. 

Two students from each senior school class are selected by their peers and teachers as representatives to participate in the SBG. These students have the responsibility of serving as a liaison between their classes and the student body government.
School Supplies:
While ACA supplies text books and exercise books, students are expected to come to class with the following supplies:

1 – 3rd grade

4 – 12th grade

2 packs of pencils

4 dry erase/ board markers


a ruler

a glue stick

5 big erasers

A long ruler


a sharpener

a Math set

2 packs of wax crayons

Math Set: 3rd Grade

coloured pencils


scientific calculator (Senior School)

1 pair of scissors


an eraser

a pair of scissors




Set squares, French or flexible curves, T squares, templates for geometrical shapes (8th – 12th)



Rate P.U.


Pre -School

N 1,500

N 3,500

1st - 12th (French Toast)



Navy Blue Polo

N 4,200



N 6,400



N 5,100




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