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Dress Code:

  1. From Monday through Thursday, 1st – 10th grade students must wear ACA’s uniform:  French Toast navy blue polo shirt with khaki trousers/shorts or skirts. Eleventh and twelfth grade students are required to wear uniforms on senior school assembly days only.

  2. On Fridays, 1st – 12th grade students are permitted to wear mufti.

Food and Drinks:
All students have the option to bring or purchase their food and drinks.  Snacks are available at the School Snack Shop while hot lunches are available at the School Cafeteria, in the Admin Block.  Students may pay for lunch daily, or benefit from discounted rates by paying weekly or monthly.  Students are required to bring water to school.  The ACA water dispensers are meant to serve as supplemental drinking water in the event that a student’s water runs out before the end of the day. Please note that 1st to 3rd Grade students will not be allowed to buy or take fizzy drinks during school hours. 

Parent-Teacher Communication:
The Homework Diary serves as a communication tool for teachers and parents in the Elementary School. Parents are encouraged to give teachers feedback through the homework diary.

The Weekly Bulletin, sent by email and available on our website, is the means through which parents are informed of activities at ACA.  Parents are encouraged to attend events to which they are invited including assemblies, counselling programs, school performances and others. A healthy relationship between parents and school is beneficial to the entire community.  Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled each semester and parents are encouraged to reserve the date far in advance.  PTA meetings are scheduled twice a year for all ACA parents.

Parents will be regularly updated on their children’s performance through Engrade and by direct communication with teachers. In the event of major behaviour or academic issues, the school will set up a conference with the particular parents to discuss possible solutions.
Parents are also encouraged to call the Admin office to schedule a meeting with a teacher if the need arises. Parents should indicate the purpose of the meeting at the time of making the appointment.  The administrator or teacher will confirm the appointment date and time within 48 hours of the request. Parents are not expected to visit the classrooms or teachers during school hours, except by previous appointment.

Field Trips:
Every class is entitled to a field trip each semester. Parents are informed of field trips through the Weekly Bulletin.  Some field trips are mandatory and included as part of the curriculum while others may be optional.   Parents who would not intend their child to go on an optional field trip should inform the administrator or class teacher and keep the child at home during those periods designated for field trips.   Parents of Elementary students are expected to fill in a permission slip in order for their child to participate in any field trip.   Parents of Senior School students are expected to fill in permission slips only for field trips out of town. 

Field Trips are a privilege and we recognize that they can have significant educational value. As representatives of ACA we have higher expectations of children anytime they are outside of the school. Expectations will be clearly laid out.  Students who misbehave will be given a warning.  If their misbehaviour continues students will earn a detention slip, a long detention or suspension, depending on the severity of the misconduct.

Students are welcome to celebrate birthdays at school, provided the class teacher or administrator is informed at least 24 hours prior to the birthday party. The birthday celebrant’s name and time of party will be displayed in the office.  If parents do not notify the school 24 hours in advance, they will be turned back at the gate.    Birthday parties are allowed only during the break periods.  Parents should arrive at least 5 minutes before break.  Cakes and drinks are allowed, but all other food is to be put in a take-away pack to save time in serving.   Parents are also to come with all necessary materials for the party (matches, knife, napkins, bottle openers, etc.)  If party packs are given at school, they must be given to every child in the class. Classroom rules apply during birthdays and teachers have the right to enforce discipline during parties held on school grounds. If parents come more than 10 minutes late, the party will be cancelled and party packs distributed during lunch time or after school. 

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