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In the Fall of 2012, ACA upgraded her internet services to a fiber optic service option. This introduction was made necessary to facilitate our online learning option- a solution which has been hugely beneficial to the entire campus. We seek to stay abreast of leading education technology aids by currently subscribing to the following services:

The provision of 3 well equipped ICT labs around our campus; 1 lab dedicated to preschool learners with wide screen computers fully fitted with audio visual facilities and containing helpful preschool learning resources. The 2nd lab is used by both elementary and senior school students while the 3rd is reserved for use by our high school students enrolled in online classes.

We recently introduced the cutting edge Samsung Galaxy tab for eventual use by our entire senior school body. Presently, we’re starting off with our 9th grade class who are our pilot group for this project. The tablets are replacing paper textbooks in a bid to make learning more mobile for our high schoolers in line with emerging trends in international schools across the globe.

We have a fantastic grade reporting system; Engrade™ which reports students’ performance in a highly interactive format which fosters excellent home-school relations. We are always subscribing to Computer Aided Learning (CAL) software which have had successful student outcomes in other schools. Examples are Spelling City, RAZ (Reading A-Z), Khan Academy. We also operate an online library service (LIbrarika™ where we have a little over 16,000 books available to students) in addition to our well stocked onsite library.

Computer Use
ACA is equipped with adequate computers to teach students ICT skills. Although the computer teacher will handle the classes and monitor all Internet usage, students are responsible for the proper use of the computers.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
ACA has provided a fiber optic Internet facility to enable our students and staff take advantage of the educational potential of this 21st Century tool.  To guide against the abuse of Internet use at ACA, we require students to use the Internet facility solely for education and in a manner that is acceptable.  Use of ACA’s Internet facilities in the manner listed below is considered unacceptable and students will be issued detention, extreme detention or suspension depending on the severity of the offence and in accordance with recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee.

  1. Using the internet facility
    1. for non-school work
    2. for illegal activity
    3. for personal financial or commercial gain
    4. to download music/video files
  2. Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities
  3. Invading others’ privacy
  4. Impersonating other users
  5. Posting hurtful messages
  6. Posting or accessing inappropriate language, profanity, obscenity or inflammatory speech
  7. Accessing inappropriate or pornographic sites/material
  8. Using the Internet facility in any other manner contrary to the instructions of the staff responsible for supervising internet use  

Parents should ensure that Internet access is carefully monitored during homework assignments

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